Pathways to Fulfillment

Scott Laney

Documenting a journey from personal struggle to success

Creating Opportunities

You have likely noticed that the theme of this website has some mountains on it. The reason for that is I’m starting to climb a mountain right now. Maybe the largest one I’ve ever climbed.  In fact, I’m going to Federal prison.

The best way to get to the other side of that is to map it out, start planning and then execute every single day.  I plan to get to the other side of this journey with my dignity intact and a firm plan for my future. That’s not going to happen by accident. The more I have read about America’s prison system, the more I’ve come to realize that the longer a person stays in prison, the less likely they are to emerge successfully.

My life will be different.  I will document what I intend to achieve and the daily progress I make.  I invite you to follow along on my journey as I recalibrate and grow.  There’s no time to start like the present.

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