Creating Opportunities

This website has a theme to it.  The reason for this is that a while back I had to climb a fairly intimidating mountain.  This one didn’t involve a gorgeous summit or an evening around a campfire.  Instead, it involved navigating the labyrinth world of the Department of Justice, District Courts, and Federal Prison.

The best way to get to the other side of any journey is to start planning and then execute every day.  I plan to get to the other side of this, but that’s not going to happen by mere luck. The more I have read about America’s prison system, the more I learn that, as a country, we like to send people away for a long time.  The recidivism rate in America’s system of “corrections” is 70%.  I will be different.  I will document what I intend to achieve and the progress I make.  This website allows you to follow along on this journey as I recalibrate and grow. 

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