the summons

6/19/21: Book Report #3

Book number 3 and I knocked it out in 24 hours. After enjoying novels by Michael Cohen and David Baldacci, I figured it was a good idea to continue with the crime-solving novels. Plus, there are literally no other types of books available to us in quarantine.

One would assume that if BOP policy allows us to receive books directly from wholesalers, then why not in quarantine? My first mistake was making assumptions. While we can receive mail in the form of letters, we can not receive books at this time. I’ve already learned that instead of getting frustrated, my energy is better spent elsewhere.

The overarching lesson from “The Summons” is to never lie or deceive your family members. Beautiful and timely wisdom we should all follow. But in the near term, the bigger lesson I learned has to do with what I mentioned above. The BOP is a bureaucratic policy-driven institution. Frustrating as that may be, I see why they are run that way. And I also see why it’s not an effective use of my time to get upset on any specific policy that doesn’t make sense to me. The staff here didn’t make the policy. I can’t change it, so the only positive move I can make is to not let it disturb me. So that’s what I did.

This book was the same genre as the first two. There are no discernible differences between these two authors. All 3 books come together and end with a big bang in the last 20 pages. But they are enjoyable to read, help me pass the time, and have taught me lessons that already are immensely valuable, not only on my current journey but for the rest of my life.

Change what you can control, accept the rest. 

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