Starting The Journey

I grew up in the Midwest, with my formative years spent in Iowa and Illinois. After college, the draw of wide-open spaces eventually drew me west. I wanted to spend time skiing, biking, and on the water.

A job offer in medical sales lead me to Idaho. After spending several years selling implants and biologics for spine surgery, I transitioned into clinical laboratory sales. I spent seven years working in that sector, educating and facilitating toxicology, pharmacogenetics, and infectious disease testing with a large client base. I enjoyed the technical and clinical aspects of the industry, the complex problem solving, and the brilliant people I worked alongside.

I learned a myriad of information about prescription medications of all classes, pharmacology, how the human body metabolizes drugs, and covid-19 testing platforms and processes.

Idaho is a beautiful state, and I am excited to once again call it home.


I will get through this prison sentence with my dignity intact. I have a solid plan in place for my future. I plan to use my time to recalibrate and prepare for the rest of my life. Through this effort, I hope to prove worthy of the trust and love that I receive in abundance.


I plan to return to Idaho with the foundation for a fulfilling career, solid friendships, and a plan that lets me hit the ground running while applying the lessons I learned while away. I will continue to grow both personally and as a citizen of the state, I love so much.


This process has shown me how much I appreciate my family, friends, and community. Like I have said in my blog posts – the places I love with the people I care about. I am grateful to have such a strong support network and want that support to go both ways.