first prison shower

6/24/21: Bob Barker and My First Prison Shower

I like high end bicycles. I like the way they ride-how they shift and how the brakes feel.   How you can adjust everything to a perfect fit. How they efficiently pedal uphill but also absorb every bump going downhill.  How they look so good just sitting there.  But given the choice between no bike at all or a really beat up one- I’ll always go with the bike.

The same, even more so, can be said for showers.  I am trying to picture the most luxurious shower I have ever been in.  Then I picture the prison showers.  There are some differences but in reality, a shower of any caliber is better than no shower.  We actually have great water pressure and while “all the way towards hot” only gets to luke warm, it is still refreshing and I end up clean and revitalized.

The great part about handwriting a blog from prison is that you can’t verify things on Google.  I am not making any statements under such pretenses that would cause someone to make major life changes, but bear with me and keep that in mind. This is either an old wives’ tale, up there with a left handed smoke bender or a “who would have known” incident. Either way, I’ll keep this post up and have an update included.

We have Bob Barker soap in prison.  Apparently, or so the story goes, Bob Barker’s son was in prison and was lamenting to his father about the quality of prison issued hygiene products.  Bob saw an opportunity, created a few bathroom essentials and prisons started buying them.  I know, it sounds far-fetched, but I liked the Price is Right when I was a child, so I’m onboard with the story. Who would have thought, from giving someone a car because they accurately guessed the price of soap, to making soap for inmates.

And here I am, happily heading off to take a lukewarm shower with my Bob Barker soap and used shower sandals which are two sizes to large.

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