Book Reports


Crito by Plato

Crito is a play, a dialogue really, between Socrates and his friend Crito. It focuses on death, justice, and theappropriate response to one’s circumstances. While their conversation doesn’t reveal what Socrates did whichresulted in his incarceration and subsequent death sentence, it does highlight his commitment to morals and thelaws of the State in which he …

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Corruptibleby Brian Klaas I cannot seem to get enough of hunter-gatherer references when analyzing our modern world and writing on the variance and evolution of our lives between that time period and now. This continues to appear in many aspects of my reading and it is always a confirming perspective to see time and time …

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By Gregory David Roberts This was one of those books that was so good I found myself overtly slowing down the pace at which I was reading, or going back to reread and fully take in the way the author so eloquently worded portions of his prose. Shantaram is based on a true story, which …

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