My top 5 favorite prison tattoos

There is no shortage of tattoos in here.  Especially neck tattoos.  I have to hand it to everyone in terms of not just creativity, but sheer coverage and commitment.  There is by no means a lack of artwork to appreciate.

There aren’t any tattoo guns at Yankton but at this point I feel I’ve received a minor degree in the how-to behind constructing a tattoo gun if the need ever arose – incarcerated creativity knows no bounds.  All that to say, over the last several months there are several tattoos that stick out in my memory.  So here are my top 5 favorite prison tattoos to date:

Favorite Prison Tattoo #5: The Bureau of Prison’s assigns everyone an ID number.  The first 5 digits are unique to you, the last 3 are designated based up the district in which you were sentenced.  When an inmate has a tattoo that includes the last 3 numbers which represent their district it’s a true commitment to the cause.  Like when someone gets a bumper sticker or a t-shirt with their area code on it except not, because it’s a tattoo and it represents time spent in Federal Prison.

Favorite Prison Tattoo #4: Chain link fence neck tattoo.  The friend here who has this pulls it off flawlessly, if such an idea is conceivable.  Maybe we spend a lot of time together or maybe it just works for him, but I couldn’t picture this guy without it.

Favorite Prison Tattoo #3: A clock.  If you’re getting a clock chances are you’re getting it done in a prison and furthermore chances are you had a lot of time left to go when you had it done.

Favorite Prison Tattoo #2: Located behind and slightly below each ear, a picture of his son on the left side and daughter on the right, cupping one hand up to their mouth as if they are whispering into his ear.  It’s pretty endearing and you best have a large neck to pull this one off.

Favorite Prison Tattoo #1: I have never seen a tattoo as heartfelt as this.  A+ for creativity, loving and parenting.  I think this one is actually very sweet in a truly unique manner.  A friend here let his 6 year old tattoo the inside of his forearm and in timeless childish handwriting it reads “I love you dad.”  Amidst his tattooed knuckles, hands, forearms and upper arms, which are all exceptionally well done, this one still stands out the most to me.  In one way it’s pure and innocent, in another it’s completely crazy but above all it had to be a unique bonding moment.

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