RIP Prison Cheesecake

After reviewing the calorie count and sugar intake on this gem of a dessert I had to come to terms with reality, and my fitness/health goals.  This isn’t an indulgence, it is a public health concern.  I think people could use incarceration as an excuse for many things, and while I never anticipated consuming cheesecake to be one of them, it is.

I’m trying to gain weight, but it needs to be the right kind done the right way.  Eating full three meals a day, cooking what I can out of my locker (mackerel burritos are changing my world), and always coming back to my favorite – oatmeal with peanut butter and protein powder.

For now, I appreciate cheesecake as a form of artistic expression.  There’s only so much you can cook in here and this one fabled desert has many variations which allow the creative incarcerated chef to truly express himself.  Everyone has their own angle.  Vanilla wafer or oreo crust?  Do they add in a touch of peanut butter or a bit of honey with their crust?  How much lime juice allows you to set up the cream cheese filling but avoid an overpowering lime taste?  Do you chill it on ice in a small garbage can or using the AC unit?  And the age old debate of chocolate, strawberry or vanilla? 

Someone recently started crushing up dino bites cereal as a cheesecake topping and it adds a pleasant visual touch to the desert.  In all seriousness, it’s our version of going to an art gallery.  Everyone can have their opinion and beauty (as well as taste) is in the eye of the beholder.

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