200 days

Two hundred and counting

I have been setting fitness goals that at first felt a bit lofty.  However, I like the idea of a goal that I can’t complete in a short amount of time.  My sit-up routine is up to 500 per session.  Push-ups go to 300.  While my pull-up training program still has 10 weeks left to it I hit a milestone recently that I wanted to share.

My goal with the program is to be able to perform 25 continuous pull-ups with perfect form.  The training involves stretching, foam rolling my lats, performing standard pull-ups, chin-ups and neutral grip pull-ups.  The max number of reps in any of the sets at this moment is 15, but climbing.  It’s about total volume right now.  Last Saturday I was feeling it and kept going after the main workout was over.  I managed to knock out a total of 200 pull-ups and chin-ups.

The rec yard has what is likely one of the more random pieces of exercise equipment I have seen.  There is a metal pole hanging from a tall beam.  That’s it.  Picture the type of wooden structure you have leading into a big country ranch, except narrower, slightly taller, and then add in the metal pole hanging from the top.  When I got here I could kind of make my way up it.  Now I can climb up using just my arms (no feet), slide down, and without touching the ground or resting climb up it again and back down a few times.  Clearly, we’re finding ways to be entertained in the yard between pickle ball games and walking the track…  When you spend so much time locked inside you find creative ways to entertain yourself when you are allowed outdoors.

It’s not my ideal Saturday.  I miss the rivers, I miss the mountains and trails, and I miss everyone I care about.  However, it’s something to keep me occupied, engaged, and challenged.

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