Yellowstone Season Premier

Sunday night was the premier of the new season of Yellowstone and the TV room was going wild.   People have been talking about this for several weeks and the seats began filling up hours before the start.  I’ve never seen it this packed down there.

Everyone gets settled and it begins.  The intro starts to play and all of a sudden it is possibly the most quiet it’s ever been here.  As the intro ends and the show is mere seconds from beginning someone yells, “the light is on” and there’s a slight laugh.  Why would the red light come on at 7pm on a Sunday, no one is falling for that.  Well, it did.  Emergency count.  In my entire life I have never heard a collective sigh like this one.

Emergency counts usually take a while to clear.  So we all head upstairs and begin to wait.  None of the TV’s have the sound turned on, we all listen through head phones tuned to a specific radio station and each TV has it’s own radio station.  So oddly enough we can still listen upstairs while we are waiting for the all clear.  Everyone is trying to guess what’s happening and follow along with the plot.

Once the red lights turn off everyone swarms back down to the basement.

I caught myself almost immediately when this occurred.  I wanted to be annoyed but first, I have no control over when an emergency count is called.  Second, let’s be real – it’s just a TV show.  Third, in order of importance of all the things going on my life, how big a deal was this minor convenience?  The rest of the show was thoroughly enjoyed and I’ll always remember this when I watch Yellowstone in the future.

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